The post driver for vineyards/orchards is fitted with a three-prong attachment and can be installed at the back of the tractor.
The PPL post driver has a maximum head lift of approx. 3 metres.
It is a versatile machine, that is easy to use in both new and traditional vineyards.
Perfect for replacing posts with its 3 directional movements even on the most arduous terrain.
Thanks to the weight of the tractor, the post is forced as far down as one metre in depth, even in the most solid terrain.
It can be adapted to any kind of tractor, whether wheeled or caterpillar, and of varying widths.
Fitted with an adjustable attachment, it allows you to use the machine in the ideal working position.
This model is also suitable for tractors with front linkage system.
The central stay rod can be used to block the machine while working.


– maximum working height 3000 mm
– three movements: vertical, side, longitudinal
– hydraulic connection to the tractor

Accessories on demand

– hydraulic side shift
– 3 levers diverter
– 4 levers diverter
– pole remover clamp
– hydraulic third point for longitudinal inclination
– stay rod for fastening